Friday, October 29, 2010

Joey's Pizzeria

Name: Joey's Pizzeria and Delicatessen
Location: 200 Oak Hill Ave., Endicott, NY 13760
Phone: (607) 484-9716
Cuisine: Pizza/Sandwiches
Price: Pizzas around $10/Sandwiches around $7-$8

Joey's is another restaurant vying for the area's "Best Pizza" crown. Operating in the "Little Italy" neighborhood of Endicott that includes Oaks Inn and Consol's Family Kitchen, Joey's serves up wood-fired pizza, gourmet deli sandwiches, and their own Italian ice.

I first went to Joey's a few months back to try out their sandwiches. Actually, I had planned to get a couple of slices of pizza, but quickly realized that they don't sell by the slice, so I opted for a sandwich instead. This was a wise decision, as the sandwich I had (the "Sicilian") was fantastic. A generous portion of Italian meats and cheeses topped with marinaded artichoke hearts, served on fresh bread and accompanied by panzarotti (cheesy mashed potato balls) and pasta salad, the sandwich was among the best I've had in the area and easily rivaled neighboring Vincenzo's. I decided to forgo a review at that point in time until I got around to sampling the pizza.

Today was the day we finally got around to heading over to Joey's, and we ordered a large pizza (half cheese, half homemade sausage) to see how it measured up. Given the quality of the sandwich I had a couple months ago, I had high hopes for the pizza, and it didn't disappoint. The slight charring on the bottom of the crust yielded a welcome smokiness to the flavor, while the slightly bitter sauce complemented the crust well. I was disappointed by the sausage topping, which was ground, crumbled sausage rather than sliced and somewhat lacking in seasoning. But all things considered, this was a very solid pizza.

The atmosphere at Joey's for customers who choose to eat there (as we did) is nice, with spacious, comfortable booths with wooden tables and the typical Italian posters, memorabilia, and trinkets lining the walls. It's certainly not a large dining area, but we found it to be relaxing. The restaurant staff was accommodating and friendly throughout our visit.

Joey's is yet another reason to believe that this small section of North Endicott is the area's premier epicurean haven. With Consol's (much loved by many), Oaks Inn (much loved by us), Vincenzo's (one of the area's best-kept secrets), and Joey's all providing different and mostly positive experiences, there's no shortage in quality eateries. Joey's pizza may not have been the best I've had in the area, but it certainly belongs in the conversation. Between the pizza, sandwiches, and low-key charming ambiance, Joey's is a restaurant very much worthy of your patronage.

Grade: B+

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