Friday, June 25, 2010

Another two bite the dust

Yesterday, Theo's. Today I learn that both Tony T's in Vestal and The Director's Cut in Binghamton have closed up shop. A shame. I had planned on writing up a nice review on Tony T's. Their Italian subs were the best I'd ever had, on fresh homemade bread with a heaping portion of Italian meats and sharp provolone cheese. They still have a location in Greene, I believe, so they're still around in some capacity. I never made it to The Director's Cut, but I was interested in trying their 2.5 lb. burger challenge. Always tough to see these little restaurants fail.

Good news is that I'm headed to saké-tumi tonight. It will be my first time there, and I am expecting great things.


  1. There is a Tony T's in Greene. Small shop, but very good pizza. Not worth the drive, but def. worth it if you are in town.

  2. Have I missed it? Did you already review the Original Italian Pizzeria on Washington Ave in Endicott and not find the greatest subs on homemade bread ever? Be sure to specify "with everything". The oil running over your wrists only testifies to its authenticity!! And don't let the name scare you, the S&M Deli on Watson in Endwell makes a worthy sub as well, but more for the order to go crowd. And as long as you are checking out Italian, it's Endicott, after all, remember to stop by Nick's on Main St. We don't want an omission to make him take it personally. This is a great town! - Elise

  3. Good to know it, Gunner.

    Thanks for the recommendations, Elise. Have not been to the Original Italian Pizzeria. Maybe that block on Washington Ave. is a lot better than I often have given it credit for, with Thai Basil and Los Tapatios too. Are those Greek diners any good?


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