Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rating System Explained

In case you were wondering, this is a rough guide to my rating system.

For starters, keep in mind that I rate restaurants against others in the same general price range. Just because I gave the Apple Dumpling Cafe a B+ and P.S. Restaurant a B+ does not mean that those restaurants offer anything close to the same experience, yet I believe they do offer the same sense of satisfaction given their value.

Here it goes, in general:

A: One of the best restaurants in the area. Strong in every facet of the dining experience (service, food, atmosphere).

B: A solid restaurant worth return visits. Could suffer from minor flaws in some facets of the dining experience.

C: Take it or leave it. Some redeeming qualities but largely mediocre. Suffers from multiple flaws in food, service, and/or atmosphere. Not worth seeking out, but not awful.

D: Bad. Not worth a return visit. Complete failure in at least one facet of the dining experience. Enter at your own risk.

F: Atrocious and/or offensive. A place to which I would never return. Complete failure in all facets of the dining experience, or such egregious failure in at least one facet that I cannot bear the thought of returning (e.g.: bugs in food, overly rude and/or disrespectful service--Kilmer Brasserie, here's looking at you!). Should not be open.

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