Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dillinger's "Celtic Pub" and Eatery

Name: Dillinger's "Celtic Pub" and Eatery
Location: 77 State St., Binghamton, NY 13903
Phone: (607) 724-7779
Cuisine: Pub fare (Burgers/sandwiches/wings)
Price: Which price? The printed one or the one they charge?

I absolutely hate Dillinger's. Here are five reasons why:

1. A little history lesson: John Dillinger was born in Indiana. He was mainly of German heritage. What John Dillinger has to do with a Celtic Pub, I have no idea.

2. The place is nearly always crowded, unbearably loud to the point that I could not hear the people across the table from me, and is the veritable meat market of downtown Binghamton, full of phony skanks and fratboys. If that makes me sound like Holden Caulfield, so be it.

3. I've eaten there four times. The first time, I got a burger. It was garbage. The second time, I got hot wings. They had a good level of spiciness, but were fatty and undercooked. I swore I would not get them again. The third time, I had nachos. I also had explosive diarrhea for the ensuing 48 hours. The fourth time, last night, I tried the wings again. After all, they were on special for $4.50/dozen. They were fatty and overcooked, and I was charged $6.75. I should listen to myself more often.

4. They used to have some good beers in bottles, like microbrews from Dogfish Head and Great Lakes. Now they just have signs on the wall advertising that they sell Dogfish Head and Great Lakes WHEN THEY ACTUALLY DO NOT SELL THEM!!! Hey look, we're cool, we sell microbrews!!! Oh wait, we don't. Womp womp.

And the biggie...

5. This is a "Celtic Pub" that DOES NOT SELL BEER ON TAP. Not even a tap for Guinness, in this "Celtic Pub"? Are you kidding me?

As a place to hang out before the crowds hit, Dillinger's is fine. It's a really nice space and there's a covered patio outside. As a place to eat and/or drink, Dillinger's is awful. Feel free to call me a snob all you want, but there's no way you'll convince me that Dillinger's is an establishment worth spending a dime in.

Grade: F


  1. Yeah, Here is another review of this place on another website. It's too bad because this place is such a nice bar, but just falls short. Link text

  2. This is the reason why I do not listen to critics. Most of the time they are completly wrong and this is the case in this review. Dillinger's by far has the best burgers in Binghamton. I have not had one that compares. This critic probably enjoys the greasy burgers from McDonalds or Burger King and would not know a good burger if he had one!!!

  3. You're mom was garbage.

  4. I would have to say that this blogger couldn't be more wrong about certain places, in particular, about Dillinger's. Dillinger's food for one, is fantastic, esp. the burgers! The prices for food and drinks are cheaper at dillinger's than anywhere else on state street. If you want to go somewhere there isn't "rif-raf", dillinger's would be your place. It's not full of frat kids, everytime I'm there, it's filled with people of all age ranges from 25-60.
    Personally, after reading a few of your reviews I noticed that you have a complaint about every single place, places that I particularly enjoy. Sounds like you are cheap and have bad taste!


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