Friday, August 20, 2010

The Sub Factory

Name: The Sub Factory
Location: 2128 Owego Rd., Vestal, NY 13850
Phone: (607) 786-0234
Cuisine: Subs/Pizza
Price: Less than $10 per person

The Sub Factory is located in the westernmost part of Vestal in the Ross Corners neighborhood. It's a somewhat odd location for the restaurant given that it's a little off the beaten path, but I believe it's a place definitely worth checking out.

I took a look at the menu for a minute and decided to go with a Turkey Sub on the recommendation of the owner, an extremely friendly and sincere middle-aged woman who provided excellent service during my brief visit. I was told that the Turkey Sub is their most popular item due to the fact that it's not made with the sliced turkey you find at most sandwich shops, but rather chunks of real turkey breast. I guess it's Thanksgiving year-round at the Sub Factory! Once I learned that tidbit of information, it sounded like something I had to try out. With mayo, sub sauce, lettuce, onion, and diced tomatoes (not sliced) as toppings and served on one of Jim Roma's famous sub rolls, I was eager to sample it.

I'd have to say this was a very good sub. The ingredients were all really fresh and the turkey reminded me of many a Black Friday binge. All told, I think this is one of the better subs I've had in the area. Now...if they were only a little closer to the rest of civilization...

The Sub Factory is open 7 days a week and features a surprisingly varied menu of appetizers (wings and other fried stuff, mainly), soups and salads, hot and cold subs, burgers, and some delicious looking pizzas in all kinds of gourmet varieties (their words, not mine). Ever had a Cream Cheese & Ham pizza, or a Kielbasa & Sauerkraut pie? Me neither. And I have no idea what Nuclear Broccoli pizza would entail, but at the very least, it sounds interesting. Prices appear to run a little on the high side for the pizzas but I am certainly interested in trying them out at some point.

I enjoyed my visit to the Sub Factory and I thought it was worth the drive out to Ross Corners. Really, it's only about a five minute drive from Vestal's Four Corners, so it's not too far out of the way. Service was top-notch and delivered with a refreshing sincerity, and I thoroughly enjoyed my sub. Being able to highlight places like The Sub Factory is what makes writing this blog enjoyable for me.

Grade: B+

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  1. I attended Ross Corners Christian Academy for several years and honestly, Sub Factory pizza is the best pizza I have ever had. I go there every time I am home on break from college. Their zesty chicken bacon ranch is their best pizza, in my opinion, but their cream cheese, ham and bacon is really good, and ESPECIALLY their french fry pie (ranch dressing with curly fries and ketchup - who knew?).
    Also, I've accidentally stumbled across your blog a few times when using urbanspoon to look up places to eat in this area. Thanks for posting!

  2. good review, but they are not open on sundays


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