Thursday, July 8, 2010

Broadway Diner

Name: Broadway Diner
Location: 3140 Watson Boulevard, Endwell, NY 13760
(607) 658-1002
Cuisine: Diner
Price: Less than $20 for two

The Broadway Diner is exactly what I am looking for in a diner--cool, old-school ambiance, quick service, and great, cheap food. We went today for breakfast to complete this weekend's diner visit. Megan is headed to Jacksonville for the weekend and I am headed to the Electric City, so we wanted to get in another cheap meal before heading out of town.

Broadway Diner is located on Watson Blvd. in Endwell, not far from the intersection of Watson and Hooper. I have to admit, I've driven past this place on the way to Endicott for a number of years and was never dazzled enough to want to stop in. That's partially why I wanted to embark upon this blogging journey--to force myself to try out some new places that I wouldn't ordinarily go to. We parked and entered the diner and I noticed quickly that there were two distinct dining areas. One area was what I will call the "diner" portion with the old-timey coffee counter with a row of booths opposite; the other appeared to have been added on to the establishment more recently and looked to be more of a typical family restaurant-style dining room. To my delight, we were promptly seated in the diner portion and we ordered coffee and took a look at the breakfast menu. This really had the quintessential diner look that I am looking for.

Megan ordered French toast with bacon ($5) while I opted for a breakfast special featuring two eggs, corned beef hash, home fries, toast, and coffee for under $6. Everything was done exactly how I wanted it. The eggs were over-easy and quite tasty, the corned beef was exactly how I remember getting it as a kid, toast and home fries were crispy but not burnt, and even the coffee was fairly strong by diner standards. I was quite hungry and devoured this giant plate of food pretty quickly. Really good stuff. Megan seemed to enjoy her French toast well enough, but was not quite as enthusiastic as I was. She did love the ambiance but thought the food was a little more average than I did. For me, this was about as good as diner fare gets.

In my eyes, Broadway Diner has exactly what I am seeking in a diner. Delicious, inexpensive food and quick service in a comfortable, nostalgic environment. Relative to my expectations, the Broadway Diner is one of my most exceptional recent finds in the Triple Cities. If you're in the area, a visit is certainly in order. It is my favorite diner I've been to so far in the area.

Grade: A-

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  1. YES, the broadway has become a kind of tradition in my family, and it very rarely disappoints, although my battered arteries do demand access to biscuits and gravy.

  2. I'll have to try Broadway diner. FYI, you can get eggs, homefries, toast, and bacon or sausage anytime for about $3.50 at Piccolo's on Main St anytime they're open. On weekday mornings, it comes with coffee or tea and juice, too. The food's pretty good and soo cheap!

    I saw your post about Flan Club. I loved that place; I'm still so sad it closed.

  3. This sounds like a must try, thanks for the suggestion.


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