Thursday, July 15, 2010

Danny's Diner

Another Thursday, another diner to sample. Today, we chose to hit up one of the oldies (but allegedly goodies) Danny's Diner, located on Main Street (17C) just up the way from Cyber Cafe, but on the other side of the road. According to Dan, this diner has been in existence since the 1930s, but has only been at this location since 1970. I was interested to see what a longstanding legacy would bring.

From the outside, the diner is not much to look at and kind of blends in with the scenery. In fact, I have driven past it many times and only noted its existence on occasion. The building is long and narrow with parking on the right side. As we decided to go at 10:45 this morning, we did not have to contend with any crowds. Upon entering, we chose our wooden booth and waited for the menu. We were only one of about three tables occupied in the place, but that was to be expected given the time of day - post-breakfast rush and pre-lunch crowd. We were each given a menu fairly quickly by a sassy waitress who was one of two employees that I saw in the place. She was friendly and let us know that we could do either breakfast or lunch if we chose. We chose to go for the breakfast.

Dan and I both got the same special, with slight variation and coffee. I got three eggs scrambled with bacon, home fries and wheat toast. He went with three eggs over easy with sausage, home fries and white toast. There was a little miscommunication that resulted in Dan getting more toast and me waiting for my wheat, but it was no problem as we got to witness some playful banter between our waitress and the cook. Our orders came out quickly and filled the plate.

My breakfast was fantastic. The eggs were pretty good and the home fries were tasty and not too hard or soft. My wheat toast was done to my liking - slightly toasted with very little brown.

The real star of the breakfast in my opinion was the bacon. I am very picky about my bacon and have had a hard time finding good bacon done the way that I want. I like it crispy, not chewy and not crunchy. The Apple Dumpling Cafe had fantastic bacon and I thought that any diner would be hard pressed to top it. Danny's bacon is a contender. It was crispy and hot and tasted so awesome that I almost licked my fingers. Seriously, great bacon. The coffee was coffee - I usually only like flavored coffee and have a hard time getting excited about the regular stuff - so it was okay.

Dan enjoyed his food as well - I tried a bite of his sausage and found it to be really good - though not nearly as great as my bacon, which I was generous enough to allow him to have a bite of. He was able to polish off all of his food, but I had to throw in the napkin with some food left over. They give you generous portions. You will not leave hungry or with an empty wallet as our feast came to a mere 10 dollars.

As far as comparison to area diners, Danny's rates well. It may not have the ambiance of the Broadway or the Apple Dumpling Cafe (if you want to count that as a diner type place), but it makes up for it in charm and quality of food. The bacon alone is worth a return trip for me.

Grade: A-

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